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Soil to Seedlings

It's that wonderful time of year when we are curled up inside dreaming about the days we will be back outside without a coat on. Some of us are leafing through seed catalogs dreaming of that elusive pest free garden. It's easy to dream that in January, a girl can hope. Well, it's also time to get the seed starter kits out. Dust them off with soap and water with a little bleach or some hydrogen peroxide ( if I can find any on the store shelves again this year). All in the pursuit of making sure there aren't any bacteria or viruses still hanging around from last year. Get the grow lights hooked up and turn the south side of my home into a temporary greenhouse. Someday I will have a real greenhouse to while away the cold winter days - especially in years I can't get to the sunny south to 'Study" tropical plants. So it's the dream of fresh lettuce, cucumbers, beans, maybe some cucamelons - (look how cute they are) lives on in me as the snow piles up at the back door. But I have my garden books to keep me company until spring is upon us once again. Till then Take Care & Stay Safe. LA


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