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S***, It's Time to Fertilize!

Now is the perfect time

to fertilize to get ready

for an amazing summer. The soil is warming up

and the summer foliage is starting to bud out.

Why fertilize now?

  • a boost for the plants as they are most active - spring upshot

  • the early fertilizer gets the best summer flowers

  • you can apply right to the soil and not have to worry about landing on the foliage or flowers

Fertilizers LA Gardens likes to use.

  • Acti-Sol (also known as hen manure)

  • a 5-3-2 fertilizer which is good for the overall health of the plant. It can be used on flowers, trees, vegetables and lawns

  • C Compost

  • another fertilizer that works well but is a more traditional black soil fertilizer. It is 0.11-0.10-0.12 NPK. It is made up of peat, seaweed and shell fish.

  • We find it brings on lush, green growth for the entire season but doesn't make the plants flop over or discourage flowering.

At this time of year, a high phosphorous fertilizer can be detrimental as it will provide lots of green often at the expense of flowering.

Happy Fertilizing!

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