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Owner Laurie-Ann Stuart is proud to be a Board Director of the Georgian Lakelands Landscape Ontario Chapter.  She was born and raised on a farm in Southern Ontario and is a graduate of the Horticultural Technician program at Humber College with top marks in the softscaping disciplines.  She takes a particular interest in the pests and diseases that may threaten your investment and has a vast knowledge of both native and non-native plant material that will work well in your particular landscape.  Laurie-Ann has a spectacular attention to detail and will take your whole property into consideration when tending to your gardens.


Jen Raedts is a dedicated Supervisor who will maintain your gardens with great efficiency. She understands what needs to be done week to week and will make sure the plants are treated with the utmost care and respect.  Jen pays a lot of attention to the safety of all staff members and makes sure it is a safe and friendly work environment. Jen’s greatest asset to LA Gardens is her amazing ability to work with colour and texture.  If you are looking to add wow to your property work with Jen to choose the right annuals or create stunning planters and give your gardens and walkways that professional look.

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